9 Nov 2012

Expectant Mothers help science!


Hello, my name is Anastasia Apostolou and I have recently started a psychotherapy training; in that context learning about early child development is of great significance. There is a richness in the first interactions between a mother and her new baby which can be a source of profound knowledge. 

Are you due to give birth until Chrismas? If you are, please get in contact with me through emailing Marianna (aka Deconstructing Mummy) at deconstructingmummy@gmail.com!!! I am looking for a future mother who can help me learn about the beginning of the infant’s life in his/her ordinary family environment. I hope that the family will also gain something from this experience and would be very happy if you agreed to take part.

Thank you!

5 Nov 2012

Deconstructing Mummy Mondays!

It is official!
Where? @ Rokesly Children's Centre Crouch End
When?  The first Monday of every month 4-5pm
What? Deconstructing Mummy will be there to discuss all psychological issues we face as expectant and new mothers during the first years of motherhood
Entrance is FREE
Drop ins welcome.
Ring to confirm on the day.