17 Apr 2013

Are you a Deconstructed Mummy?

Come find out!

What are the Deconstructing Mummy groups?
What does it mean to be a "deconstructed mummy"?
What do we talk about in the groups and how will this help you mother?
What is the relationship of the "emerging mother self" to your changing body, the "imagined child" and the intergenerational passing down of mothering ways?

Looks like a presentation of the groups is in order.

After talking to expectant and new mums, I decided to organise a presentation of the Deconstructing Mummy groups with free entry, on Monday the 13/5/13 , 11:00 am at "That place on the Corner" , N16 (follow link for address).

An attendance email at deconstructingmummy@gmail.com would be appreciated, but last minute walk-ins are very welcome too.
Come have a cup of coffee, bring a friend and find out if you are on your way of being a "deconstructed mummy!"

P.s The coffee shop is extremely child friendly!

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